Premium coffee

Healthy food

Served anywhere

Corporate and events catering made easy

We understand you need great-tasting refreshments that are healthy and environmentally friendly.  We’ll bring delicious premium coffee and wraps filled to the brim with fillings for any preference, plus snacks.

We also do wraps that are gluten, wheat and milk free!

Great coffee

More people than ever are voting with their feet and pounds for the best brews.

At Clear Water Coffee we do not compromise on quality.

Catering for variety

We offer a simple package that caters for a variety of needs. Whether that’s for health conscious choices or to cater for food intolerances.

Mindful of the environment

We are committed to environmentally friendly materials and are always looking for ways to improve that even further .

Did you know? UK Coffee consumption has increased by 3% every year to a whopping 95 million cups a day!

Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR)

  • Millenials who claim to be connoiseurs 50%
  • 38 to 53 year olds who prefer great coffee 25%
  • Consumed at work or universities 25%
  • Consumed on the high street 10%